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Operational ProcessOperational Process

Untreated Wastes and Animal Manure

Collecting and transporting the manure
Collecting Manure

Untreated heaps of wastes and residues such as food waste, fresh horse stable and farm animal manure can produce methane within, strong odour when moved and attracts rats and flies.

Pathogens, parasites and weed seeds can survive and can be spread onto farmland or be carried on to the end user.

The Bioplex Process

Tipping out the treated solids where needed
Treated Solids

The Bioplex® Process was invented by Chris Reynell and is designed for efficient and reliable processing and enhanced energy recovery.

The feedstock is loaded into a reception tank (which can be used for pasteurising), then it is chopped, blended and pumped into the first stage digester where it undergoes hydrolysis and fermentation. Active bacteria and extra water (if the feedstock is dry) are added, the contents are heated for hydrolysis and optional pasteurisation.

Pathogens, weed seeds and parasites are controlled.

After two to four days of first stage digestion, the contents are pumped to the second stage digester, producing biogas, fertiliser and fibre.

Oversize and inorganic material which can lead to blockages and silting up of the digestion vessels are removed from the patented process.

Solid Fuel

Solid fuel (similar to peat) suitable for use in boilers and wood burning stoves
Solid Fuel

Low nutrient fibre from the process can be used as a solid fuel (similar to peat) in boilers and wood burning stoves.

Higher nutrient fibre, after a few weeks of natural composting, breaks down into a peaty like soil conditioner with slow release fertiliser. The composting process can hosts earth worms and is easily screened and blended.

Trials indicate at least a halving of the traditional composting period and a marked reduction of odour, vermin and flies.

Soil Conditioner

Chris Reynell shows us the end result - a rich peaty like soil conditioner
Soil Conditioner

After a few weeks of natural composting and maturation, the solids have broken down into a peaty like soil conditioner with slow release fertiliser.

The composting process hosts earth worms.

This material is easily screened and blended.

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