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Carbon CaptureCarbon Capture

Carbon Capture using the
Bioplex Farm250 Anaerobic Digester System

3000 tonnes per year of feedstock:

  • Farm animal slurry.
  • Manure, FYM.
  • Old, spoilt silage.
  • Pasture toppings.
  • Grass, vegetation cuttings.
  • Food wastes.

Bioplex Farm250

Hybrid thermophilic
three-stage digester

15m3 biogas per hour.
35kW process heat +
5kW electricity for digester and off-grid dairy farm.
30kW electricity 25kW for export)
+ 40kW heat.
5kW electricity (for off-grid dairy farm)
+ 75kW heat (40kW for export).
5kW electricity (for off-grid dairy farm)
+ 35kW heat + 5m3 biogas for export.
2800 tonnes per year natural slow release fertiliser, liquid and solid fibre.

  • 13 tonnes per year Nitrogen as N2
  • 6 tonnes per year Phosphorus as P2O2
  • 12 tonnes per year Potassium as K2O
Nutrient application rate 90kg/N/ha over 150 hectares.

Dry crop yields:
  • Cereal, arable - 7 tonnes/ha/year.
  • Grass, forage - 11 tonnes/ha/year.
Farmland, pasture, forestry, horticulture, gardens.

150 hectares of land absorbs 500 to 800 tonnes carbon dioxide per year by plant growth and soil sequestration.

On balance, the whole system captures at least 250 to 550 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Additional Environmental Benefits of the Bioplex Farm250:

  • Significant reduction of ammonia and sulphur emmissions.
  • Pasteurisation with pathogen, parasite control and weed seed control.
  • Odour reduction.
  • Feedstock sourced locally from the farm with minimal or no road traffic.

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