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Reports Available to Download

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The industrial objective of the project is to determine the best combination of pre-treatment methods to maximise the production of fuel gas, maximise throughput and minimise post treatment costs. The project will look at three pre-treatment methods:

  • Steam hydrolysis, this is broken down into direct steam injection and ohmic heating methods to generate the steam from water already present in the waste stream
  • Ultrasound
  • Chemical treatment


Overview of the 5,000 tonne per annum treatment system at Murton Hall Farm

The treatment system is a two-stage process, the portagester stage and the digester stage. Both the Portagesters and digesters are housed in a poly-tunnel to help retain the heat. The system was designed and constructed under licence from Bioplex Ltd.

3.1 The Portagester Stage

As the name implies, the Portagesters are portable and can be towed by a tractor to waste collection sites where they can be filled. For some waste materials (green waste or manure), it is necessary for a pre-process such as shredding before entering the Portagesters.

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