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FeedstockFeedstock use in Anaerobic Digestion

The Bioplex Process was developed to use straw-based manure, which, at the time, caused problems in conventional plant.

Using at least two stages enables the conditions for hydrolysis and fermentation to thrive, breaking down more of the cellulose materials. The digester is more resilient to a wider variety of feedstock, even with daily changes of the type of material.

The economics of buying in or the growing/harvesting/storage costs of energy crops such as fodder beet and maize can be offset by the use of feedstocks such as horse stable manure, farm animal manure, grass clippings, fruit and vegetable wastes.

Here are some pictures showing the tests on solid feedstocks - from horse stables, cattle sheds, allotment garden, grain cleaning, field margin clearing and spoilt cattle feed:

Horse Stable Manure
Horse Stable Manure
Farmyard and Field Margin and Vegetation
Farmyard and Field Margin and Vegetation
Allotment Garden Waste with Spoilt Cattle Feed (behind)
Allotment Garden Waste with Spoilt Cattle Feed (behind)
Grain Dryer Cleanings
Grain Dryer Cleanings

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